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45-Hour Post Licensing Course

Congratulations on Starting Your New Career

Training is a Process, Not an Event!


You embarked on this journey with ideas of what you thought selling real estate was about and chances are many times throughout your pre-license course you doubted your decision. You are completely normal. We are glad you chose to continue taking one day at a time. You have finished one course, passed a background check and the state licensing exam. Chances are you have researched brokerages in your area and you have placed you license with the one you believe is the best fit for you. Congratulations!


The goal of a pre-licensing course is to teach you the legal end of what you are doing. Think memorization and regurgitation . The goal of post-licensing is to teach you to apply the licensing code, ethics, marketing, and salesmanship. Think problem solving and practical application. The goal of continuing education is to hone your skills and sharpen your knowledge. Think skill development and muscle memory. We are excited that you have chosen to let us walk along side you on your journey.


In this post-licensing course our goal is to teach you how to make a living selling real estate. You will learn the following skills: work with sellers to list, market and sell a home, work with buyer to search and find their next home, negotiate offers, and run your business as a business. As stated above, Training is a Process, Not an Event! Which means that you will learn a great deal as you move through this course; however, it is improbable that you will learn it all the first time.


Many of our sections are approved dually for post-license and C.E. credit. We encourage you to start with the basics and come back for skill development often. When we say basic, be encouraged that you can persevere and build a lasting profitable business that will stand the test of time when you master the basics.


As you gear up to get started, we encourage you to join our post-licensing facebook group to engage with fellow agents who are on the same journey with you.