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We believe in teaching to the different learning styles. We integrate audio, video, and written text into all of our courses. We strive to stay up to date in the real estate industry and the teaching realm. 
April Todd

I appreciate the choice you are making to bring us along on your entrepreneurial journey. Let me give you some information about who I am. I earned my business management degree from Oklahoma State University in 2005. Since that time, I have pursued a career as an entrepreneur. I am a licensed Real Estate Broker and I have maintained a thriving real estate career for 11+ years. I also actively participate in direct selling companies. I have a passion for helping others develop the best version of themselves.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from other coaches and leadership teachings. More importantly, I have learned through life experiences how to get the most out of myself and those on my team. I have a large amazing family. My husband, Rockford, and I have a blended family of five children. We are raising them to be leaders in their world. They have the potential to be anything they choose, as long as they work for it.


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